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No variation or cancellation of any of these conditions of sale will be binding on the Company unless agreed to by a responsible officer of the Company in writing 


Prices / Delivery

All goods are sold and invoiced at the prices ruling at the time of dispatch or when available for collection.

Payment / Monthly Trading

Strictly net cash 30 days from the end of the month of supply. Payment is not made until the clear funds are in the possession of the Company. If the Customer fails to pay for any goods, the Company may refuse to deliver further goods until payment is made. The customer will pay any costs associated with cheques being represented or dishonoured and/or any legal costs on a solicitor/ client basis incurred in the recovery of a debt owing by the Customer. 

If the Customer does not pay all the price for the goods on the due date, interest on the outstanding amount may be charged at the rate of 4% per annum above the authorised dealers 90 day bank bill rate published in the Australian Financial Review on the due date or if such rate ceases to be published the reasonable rate as determined by the Company.

Non Standard And / Or Custom Manufacture

Cancellation of orders for non standard product sizes will only be accepted on the basis that the client pays all costs incurred in manufacture, up to the date of cancellation.


Only accepted with prior approval, quoting original invoice number(s) and subject to acceptance at our warehouse in RESEALABLE CONDITION. A HANDLING CHARGE OF UP TO 20% or a maximum of $30 may be applied to goods returned to cover costs of sorting, restocking, etc.


No claims will be recognised unless made within 7 days from date of delivery 

If goods under proper care and use are nevertheless proved to be of faulty manufacture and the fault is attributable to the Company, to the extent permitted by law the Company’s liability shall be limited, at the Company’s option, to any one or more of the following:
  1. the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods;

  2. the repair of such goods;

  3. the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; and

  4. the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.

To the extent permitted by law the Company will have no liability for any failure to deliver on time (or at all) any goods.  The liability of the Company for damage, loss, delay, non – delivery or for any cause thereof ceases upon release of goods to authorised third party carriers.

Force Majeure
Every effort will be made to carry out the contract based on quotation and terms given but the performance of the contract is subject to variation or cancellation by the Company owing to acts of god, war, strikes, lockouts, fire, flood or any other cause beyond the control of the Company. 

Passing of Title
The property in and ownership of each of the goods supplied by the Company (the "Relevant Goods) remains with the Company at all times until the whole amount payable in connection with the Relevant Goods and all of any moneys outstanding from previous orders by the Customer (together, the "Money Outstanding") have been paid in full by the Customer and on such payment to the Company, the property and ownership of the Relevant Goods passes to the Customer. 

Until the Money Outstanding has been paid in full: 
(a) the Customer holds the Relevant Goods as bailee and fiduciary of the Company and is liable to account to the Company for the Relevant Goods or, if the Relevant Goods are sold by the Customer, for the proceeds of the sale of the Relevant Goods, such proceeds to be paid into a separate bank account clearly specified as an account for that purpose; 
(b) the Customer must retain the Relevant Goods in good merchantable condition and must ensure that the Relevant Goods are stored separately and marked as the property of the Company; and 
(c) the Company may enter the premises of the Customer where the Relevant Goods are or may reasonably be believed to be located, without liability for trespass or any resulting damage, and retake possession of the Relevant Goods. 

Goods supplied to a Customer shall be at the risk of the Customer from the time the goods cease to be within the actual possession of the Company or its agents. 

If the Customer should use, mix, add to, materially change, or create new products from the Relevant Goods (the Resultant Products"), the Company will own and have all the proprietary interest in the Resultant Products as security for the full payment of any amount owing to the Company by the Customer, as if the Resultant Products were Relevant Goods. This transfer of ownership and proprietary interest in the Resultant Products will take place through and at the moment of the operation or event by which the goods are converted into the Resultant Products. 

Directors Guarantee And Indemnity
Where the Customer is a Company the directors may be required to sign a director's guarantee and indemnity. 


You may down load material displayed on the website only for non-commercial and personal use and provided you respect & keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way the contents of this website without written permission from Shann Australia. 


Prices / Delivery

We recognise that privacy of personal information is important to individuals. Personal information for our business purposes is to be minimal, private, correct, safe and largely in the control of the individual. We use the information from the registration form to send users information about our company. The information will not be shared with or sold to any outside party.


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